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Enjoy the Beauty of Italy

Want to visit an addicting place? The place that may get you addicted with its beauty and attractions? Then you should consider visiting Italy.
Italy is situated in southern Europe and is one of the major attractions for tourists from all over the world. Visitors love it for the aesthetic experiences they have while on the go as it offers really enchanting landscapes, beaches, and places of historical importance. It has become an established fact that one life is not enough to explore and enjoy its entire beauty. We have listed  various attractions in Italy.


Italy_RomeYou must have heard the quote about Rome that “Rome was not built in a day”. If it was not built in a day, one cannot enjoy all its historical sights in a short tour and must keep at least 2-3 days visiting the most important ones. Being the capital of Italy, Rome is a heavily populous city. You can visit heritage site like Colosseum which is of great historical importance. Along with Colosseum, there are many palaces, ancient churches and basilicas, grand Roman monuments, statues and alluring fountains. In other words, Rome has an immensely rich historical heritage.


italy_venice3Tour to Italy cannot be justified if you haven’t been to Venice. Talking about Italy without Venice would be like food without taste. It is a city located in northern Italy and is one of the most unique places in the world due to the fact that the entire city is built on water. One must hire a water taxi called “Vapretto” or use their local elegant Gondola to see the city. In short, Venice is one of those amazing places one must visit at least once in a lifetime because it is not a place; it’s an experience to perceive the world in a different style. The Grand Canal, Rialto Bridge, Murano Burano, Torcello, St Marks Tower, Lido beach are all the major attractions of Venice.



It is a small town in Puglia having the population of only 11000 people. Since 1996, it has been one in the UNESCO World Heritage site where all the houses are conical in shape. The city has a famous history. At some particular time in the history, the local government put some extra tax on double story buildings. Therefore the people of that area started building conical houses, having a straight roof from inside so that they have space in the cone to store their unnecessary stuff. All the houses were built in exactly same style from dry stone  such as limestone from the surrounding area, without any mortar or cement and are called Trulli.

Regione Siciliana

italy_sicilyIt is also one of the major attractions for the tourists, who are sea lovers. Sicily is one of the largest islands in the Mediterranean Sea having small islands surrounding it. Collective all these islands form Regione Siciliana, which is an autonomous region of Italy.

Amalfi Coast

italy_amalfiIt is a stretch of coastline in the Province of Salerno which is located in Southern part of Italy and which has been blessed with great landscapes and natural diversity. Amalfi Coast is a picturesque spot to visit, you can enjoy stunning views, relaxing on the beach and taste Italian food in small local restaurants.


italy_liguria2It is a coastal region and its border touches France. It is really famous for its food, beaches, and small towns. While travelling to the Ligurian coast, either you take a car or a train, be ready to experience beautiful coastline with small villages.

There are thousands of paces in Italy which are really worth a visit since Italy offers it´s finest: beautiful architecture, delicious food, unspoiled beaches and welcoming local residents. Plan a trip and enjoy the beauty of Italy.