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David Citadel Hotel New Kids’ Playroom – Jerusalem


Most hotels are decidedly kid-unfriendly. With restaurants banning young kids, it’s safe to say they are welcomed with open arms like they are at grandma’s. So it seems strange that Jerusalem’s David Citadel Hotel, known as the home-away-from-home for the world’s celebrities and political leaders, has a new 100 square-foot space that has activity areas for little kids and computer desks for bigger ones. Even so, fans of children (raises hand) can definitely appreciate the concept as well as its super cool design.

The room is divided by clear blocks of primary colors. It has both angular and rounded forms, open and intimate spaces, soft and hard surfaces, items to interest both boys and girls, activities to draw little and older kids. The space combines low-tech items such as wooden toys mixed with higher-tech elements such as computer stations and flat screens.

It would definitely be nice to see more dedicated areas for children in hotels. The effort would draw more families, not to mention keep them happy during their stay.

via Cool Hunter