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Brilliant Buses of Central America

Growing up in the US we all recognize the familiar big yellow school bus that we rode every morning as kid. You might have heard about some hippies painting the bus and riding around the country, but rarely do you actually see such a bus. But in Central America painted school buses are pretty common and all kinds of people ride them. Usually known as Chicken Buses, some travelers will tell you to avoid them, and some will encourage you to take advantage, but in the end it really comes down to what kind of traveler you are. Not only are they cheap, but they’re a great way to have a front seat to the culture in Central America. Chicken buses are especially common in Guatemala and Panama, but can be found all over. Even if you never want to ride on one of these buses, you have to admit the look pretty cool.


A typical bus station in Antigua, Guatemala. Photo taken by TwoBackpackers.com

Not only does this bus have a unique custom paint job, but a pretty sweet grill too.


Photo taken by TwoBackpackers.com

Not every camioneta just features a bright paint job. Some have huge murals, portraits and other pieces of artwork.

El Salvador



You know a bus with flames on it will get you to the hospital FAST.