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Boeing Unveils 747-8 Jumbo Jet

Boeing has its hands full with the final works on the 787 orders, but they still have some time to show the public the latest version of the 747. The 747-8 Intercontinental that took the spotlight last weekend. The capacity of the newest member of their fleet can go from 400 through 500, depending on the seat configuration of the coach seats. To date, the 747-8 is the biggest of the commercial airplanes built by Boeing.

The framework for the design of the jumbo airplane is more than four decades but vintage is not any where accurate to define the new 747 version. The jumbo jet shares DNA with its 787 sibling which means new engines, new body, new design, and new technologies in placed and implemented. The new features of the plane will improve its fuel efficiency and also reduce its emissions. The ride will also be a lot more spacious compared to the older versions.

The airplane that was unveiled is ready for testing with the interiors giving way for testing instruments. The company announced that it may be ready before the end of the year. Boeing is still knocking on the doors of the big airliners but it is most likely that Lufthansa will be the one to get the big guy in its hangar.

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