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Best Sleds for Adults

Headed for the snowy hills this winter? Some adventure doesn’t require a passport or a trip to the airport, you could just sit home with a sled and wait for a snow day. The Wall Street Journal recently reviewed Four Great Sleds for Adults. So if you’re looking to skip the trash can top and really get moving down those slopes, check these out.

It looks like a simple, elegant piece of molded plywood, perhaps something Eames would have made, but the top third actually swivels so you can steer your way past slower sledders. It’s big enough to seat two adults or three children, but head-first and solo is the most satisfying way to go. $130, mountainboysleds.com

The Hammerhead is built for speed (it’s frame is lightweight aluminum) but it also adds some sanity to the sledding equation: It has a patented steering system and the mesh fabric seat will keep you warmer than wood or hard plastic. $349,hammerheadsleds.myshopify.com

As ridiculous as it sounds to go down a hill in a giant, commercial-grade inner tube, it makes total sense when you break it down—it’s as comfortable to sit in as a beanbag chair and all of that air means you’ll glide over bumps and rocks unscathed. (This one has a plastic base for extra protection.) As you approach those trees, just remember: It doesn’t have brakes. $100,llbean.com

Built from maple slats, the Classic Toboggan is so old-timey that you’ll feel like you’re in a Norman Rockwell painting. It’s the minivan of the hill, albeit a much more stylish one—perfect for family transport, but don’t expect to do any shredding. Pair it with the optional seat cushion for a smoother ride. $139, llbean.com