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Best rehabs in Thailand

Many visitors come to Thailand for the low cost healthcare and its amazing value for money. It’s a great way to combine well-being and the adventure of travel.

Thailand has a growing health tourism sector that now includes Rehab treatment for addiction and alcoholism. We have done some detailed research into the various facilities available offering treatment and detox and chosen the best rehabs in Thailand for you to explore.

If you enjoy lounging around on tropical beaches, exploring exotic cultures, or tasting culinary delights, you probably won’t do much better than Thailand for your next vacation. Thailand is a fantastic choice for a vacation, however there are also less obvious reasons for choosing this destination, when in search of world class addiction treatment.

People have been travelling to Thailand for addiction treatment since the 1970s. At first, the only option available was temples such as Thamkrabok, but as the number of foreigners seeking treatment increased, it triggered the establishment of western-style rehabs in the Kingdom.

There are now many addiction treatment facilities in Thailand, here is our choice of the best rehabs in Thailand…

Wat Thamkrabok Saraburi (https://wat-thamkrabok.org/)

Thamkrabok temple is the oldest addiction treatment facility in Thailand.

We mention this first as its the only truly traditional Thai rehab experience. With a reputation as being “the toughest drug rehabilitation regime in the world.”  Also known as the vomiting temple. So if you are looking for 100% Thai-style addiction treatment, the obvious choice would be Thamkrabok temple. This is also the cheapest option because it accepts a donation rather than charging a fee. It is a treatment approach that seems to work best for westerners who are looking for something different however we recommend having a plan B incase it does not work.

Thamkrabok is probably not a good option if you are looking for luxury, modern creature comforts, western style accommodation or psycho-therapy sessions and even an addiction program. You also need to be open-minded enough to take part in unique treatments such as induced vomiting (this is part of the detox process). It is not for everyone.

Treatment Program: Its detox treatment uses a secret herbal concoction that induces vomiting to purge the toxins in your system. After 5 days of the structured detox ritual the next step is silent and chanting meditation practice.

Facility & Accommodation: Established in 1957 It’s a large temple complex largely built by the Monks. In residence are 100 monks and 15 nuns, there are no single-rooms, just a dormitory without aircon and no running hot-water.

Location & getting there: Wat Thamkrabok is located near Saraburi in central Thailand.

Hope Rehab Thailand

Hope Rehab is located on a hillside overlooking the sea and is surrounded by beautiful gardens.

The next obvious choice on our list with a great reputation is Hope Rehab Thailand. The nice thing about Hope Rehab is it combines the best of Eastern and Western approaches to addiction treatment and is reasonably priced. It offers a comprehensive Thai mindfulness program alongside Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) wellness therapy, and Minnesota-model inspired treatments. There is also Thai massage and Muay Thai (Thai kickboxing). This rehab is supported by a passionate community of therapists (mostly ex-addicts), support staff, and volunteers.
Hope is a good choice if you are fed up with the huge ‘one-size fits all’ western rehabs. The facility itself is in a nice location close to the sea, and you get your own room with good amenities and visit local islands.
According to Google reviews, Hope Rehab seem to offer a diverse treatment and has a high success rate.

Treatment Program: Specializing in one month & long term treatment stays, most clients choose to stay longer than a month and some move on to their sober house. The program is internationally certified. They also have a diverse team with additional person centred therapeutic methods treating trauma and abuse issues.

Facility & Accommodation: The facilities grounds are very big, located on a hillside overlooking the sea and island of Koh Sichang, with 22 beds.

Location & getting there: One hour from Bangkok international airport, near the charming town of Sriracha and island of Koh Sichang.

Cost: $6900, 30 days private room.

Lanna Rehab

Lanna is located in Chiang Mai and has beautiful and exotic surroundings.

Lanna also provides high-end luxury treatment for clients with addiction problems and co-occurring disorders. It is one of the newest treatment facilities in Thailand. The emphasis here seems to be on 12 Steps, CBT and Dialectic Behavioural Therapy (this approach can be effective with borderline personality disorder). Their website promises a ‘luxury experience’ so worth considering if you like that type of thing.

Treatment Program: treatment programs are customized for individuals with dual diagnosis treatment for co-occurring disorders. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT).

Facility & Accommodation: Mid sized luxury rehab setting, private room.

Location & getting there: Chiang Mai, lush and exotic environment of Northern Thailand

Cost: $10,000 for 28 days, private room.

The Cabin Group

The Cabin is a luxury resort with a modern clinical program.

The Cabin Chiang Mai is an 80-bed luxury rehab where the focus is on a western-style clinical approach to addiction recovery and mental health with an emphasis on the 12 Steps and CBT. It opened in 2009 and is probably one the most heavily promoted rehabs in the world. This facility has a good reputation, and it may worth considering if you can afford a bit of pampering alongside the treatment. The only facility with a resident psychiatrist and mental health nurses.

Treatment Program: The Cabin provides a modern clinical program

Facility & Accommodation: Luxury resort style centre possibly the largest in Thailand at 80 beds.

Location & getting there: Northern Thailand, outside Chiang Mai.

Cost: $14,000 for 28 days single occupancy.

Serenity Rehab

Serenity Rehab is a small low-cost facility in Chiang Rai.

This small facility is located on the outskirts of Chiang Rai in a rural area. It is a relatively low-cost option because of its small size and focus on the essentials. The program emphasizes the 12 Steps, but they also offer some CBT and mindfulness as well. This may be worth considering if you are after traditional western-style treatment at an affordable price in Thailand.

Treatment Program: Minnesota Model, Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy (CBT). Mindfulness training, individual counseling and group counseling.

Facility & Accommodation: It is a small facility with 10 rooms sharing.

Location & getting there: Located in North Thailand Chiang Rai.

Cost: $5900 28 days room sharing.