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Beautiful shooting locations of “Game of Thrones”

Game of Thrones has taken over the world. Here’s some more from the fictional world that George RR Martin has created: now you can visit four beautiful shooting locations which really exist. Warning for spoilers

Scenes of the Game of Thrones have been shot in many locations such as Northern Ireland, Malta, Morocco, Scotland, Croatia, and Los Angeles. The fifth season added Seville, Spain, as a filming location, which is used for the fictional location of Dorne. The sixth season returns to Spain, and film in the cities of Girona and Peniscola. We have listed some of the most beautiful shooting locations of “The Game of Thrones”.

Dubrovnik, Croatia


Starting with season two, the Croatian town of Dubrovnik was the sin-off in the “King ‘s Landing .”  While in Dubrovnik, you can enjoy beautiful alleys in the Old Town as seen in the series. Dubrovnik´s Minceta tower is used as a tower of the magicians’ palace “The House of the Undying” in the season two.

Tingvalla, Iceland


Iceland is a recurrent country used in shooting of  “The Game of Thrones”. Tingvalla National Park is on the UNESCO World Heritage list. At the end of season four when Arya Stark rides away from the deceased Sandor Clegane “Hound”, she passes a beautiful waterfall located in this National Park. Characterized by its beautiful nature with steep canyons and lava landscape, there are many stunning views to see.

Azure Window, Malta


This magnificent limestone cliff that stretches out from the island of Gozo you see for the first time when Daenerys Targaryen married Khal Drogo in season one. Take a boat trip to this place since the water is said to be ideal for both swimming and snorkelling.

Metéora, Grekland

Greece, Meteora

Metéora is a group of Orthodox monasteries with links back to the 1200s. Surrounded by beautiful and rugged cliffs, they have long been a destination for pilgrimage. In season one, episode five, viewers can see the castle “Eyire ” and the dramatic mountains in the background. This was captured in Metéora.