Morocco beams with a lot of energy, which it derives from its colourful streets, busy restaurants, thriving markets and one-of-its kinds crafts. Tourists throng to this place due to its fine Moroccan feel and an amalgamation of traditional touch with modernity. Apart from the lively culture this place has to offer, it is popular for riads. A riad is a traditional Moroccan house or palace with an interior garden or courtyard. We have listed the 10 best riads you can go to in Morocco and here is beautiful Moroccan riads (Part 1). Take your pick.

Riad Les Yeux Bleus

riadlesbleusRiad Les Yeux Bleus has a quiet neighbourhood. French owner Jocelyne Despin was clear in mind while restoring this 8-bedroom riad. It is built around two central courtyards. There are galleries and arches in this riad and what makes it stunning is that they are all reflected in the swimming pool of the central courtyard. A stunning marble fountain sits proudly at the second patio.

Dar Darma

riad_dardarmaWhat makes this riad a must go is that every room here oversees the patio. The rooms have high ceilings and colourfully painted interiors. The riad houses Moroccan lounge, the hall of Arches and the fireplace lounge. It has a swimming pool and you can see the city and Atlas Mountains from the terraces. You can relax in its own hammam and read a book or two at the library.

Riad Aguaviva

riad_aguavivaRiad Aguavia was restored by Manel Moncusi and David Minguillon, both from Barcelona. If you want a quiet surrounding then this is the place for you. Staying here also means an access to the traditional markets and the Plaza El Fna on foot. All the rooms oversee the patio and pool located in the centre.

Maison MK

This riad is 600-years-old. This is reason enough to come here and experience the erstwhile era. You will witness a blend of both traditional and modern designs that can be experienced throughout its interiors. The spa here has a traditional hammam.

La Maison Arabe

riad_lamaisonarabeLa Maison Arabe is actually a bigger version of a riad. It houses 26 rooms and is one of the many modern riad hotels, which have emerged in recent years. One can see traditional Moroccan finishes on beautiful hand-crafted furnishings. It also houses an apartment, which still follows the classic riad style called the Douiria, a private penthouse residence with three rooms and a suite with two large terraces.

Whether you choose to stay in one of these three Moroccan riads or another, you will certainly be glad that you chose this style of accommodation over something else.