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Beat the fear

A fear of flying is a very real situation for many people, and whilst most think going away on holiday is easy, for those affected, travel can become a living nightmare.


Depending on the severity, there are measures and help at hand, which can make travel easier for people who just can’t bear the thought of getting on a plane and jetting off to a far-flung destination. Of course, if the severity of the problem is extreme, then medical help should be sought, such as counselling and medications, but this can all be discussed with your doctor.


Cutting out the pre-travel stress can go a long way to making travel easier, and cutting out the need for public transport from home to the airport can work wonders. Driving yourself to the airport has many perks, not least saving money. This is something I do regularly, and I always book through Airparks, combining my parking spot with a night in an onsite hotel. I find this cuts out the stress and worry of getting to the airport on time, and means I’m exactly where I need to be. I’ve stayed at many of the Glasgow Airport hotels with parking, so I can certainly vouch for those, but this is also a service you will find at most large UK airports, so check out what is available from your departure airport.


If you’re stress-free when you rock up at the airport, you’re more likely to stay that way throughout the rest of your journey. If your fear of flying is mild, then this can be managed through a few self-taught measures, without the need to turn to medication. For instance, deep breathing during take-off and landing can work wonders, as well as having an elastic band on your wrist, which you ping against your skin, gently, when you start to feel the fear rising.


Distraction is the best possible remedy for a mild fear of flying, so make sure you pack enough entertainment options in your hand luggage, to keep you occupied for the duration of your flight. Watch films, listen to music, play games, talk to your travel buddies, but keep your mind focused on the destination you’re heading to. Never be tempted to look at the flight map, because it will simply make your flight seem ten times longer!


Regardless of the level of your fear, it’s always a good idea to mention this to the cabin crew when you board the plane. It’s nothing to be ashamed of, and airline staff the world over are experienced and used to dealing with passengers who are a little nervous, or have a full-blown fear. This way cabin crew can keep an extra eye on you during the flight, and you should feel more reassured as a result.


Don’t let a fear of flying hold you back, the world is out there for you to explore.