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Barcelona Rock

Today we have more rocky goodness for you. Barcelona Rock is the latest concept from Polish studio, UGO Architecture. A hostel built into the mountainous region outside the Spanish city will stand over 300 feet tall, and was conceived for the international competition, Bohemian Hostel for Backpackers. Looking to create a balance between the new structure and the existing landmarks, the building adopts a stoney, ridge-like form that camouflages with its surrounding environment. Covered in greenery and providing shelter for birds, the hostel becomes a natural feature of the historic center.

Containing fifty rooms with windows, a swimming pool, spa, gym, cinema, pub and small climbing wall for beginners, the concept  hostel aims to become a both a symbol for the city and a welcoming, exiting place for young travelers. outside, advanced climbers can scale the side of the structure.

via design boom