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Amsterdam Schiphol’s Airport Library

Amsterdam is European hotspot and its visitors often have a lot of nice things to say about their Schiphol Airport. From helpful multi-language signs and the plentiful food offerings to the nice layout and lovely reclining chairs, it’s one airport that makes long waits a bit easier to bear. With plenty of ways to kill time, including the extremely cool mini-Rijksmuseum, travelers might consider it another interesting stop along the way. Just a few weeks ago, Schiphol added another unique attraction – a library.

Schiphol’s Airport Library is the first permanent airport library anywhere. Geared toward those passengers who have long layovers at Schiphol between flights to and from other destinations in Europe, rather than a lending library, it’s a “reference library” – or, as the website puts it, “a sitting area with added value.” The Airport Library is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, as it’s entirely self-service. They have comfy seating, reading tables, a few iPads (for use in the library only, of course), and all kinds of material to divert your attention away from the fact that you’re waiting in an airport.

via Amsterdam Travel Guide