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Amazing Libraries Around The World

Sure your local library may have cozy chairs and a great selection of bestsellers, but does it have walls made from translucent marble? Matador Network contributor, Sarah Park celebrates Library Lovers’ Month with these photos of extraordinary libraries.

TU Delft Library – Delft, The Netherlands
The Delft University of Technology library was designed by architectural firm Mecanoo to be a “triangle of grass and glass.” The building is topped off by a large metal cone, which houses four reading rooms accessible by spiral staircase.

Real Gabinete Português de Leitura – Rio De Janeiro, Brazil
Visit the Real Gabinete Português de Leitura to see how to fit over 350,000 volumes in just one room. The interior of the room is four stories tall to allow for maximum shelf space, and also houses a small collection of sculptures, paintings, and coins.

Danish Royal Library – Copenhagen, Denmark
The Danish Royal Library was founded in 1648, and now holds nearly all known Danish works ever published. A new addition known as the Black Diamond was built in 1999, which houses a concert hall, exhibition spaces, two museums, and a roof terrace in addition to the library and reading rooms.

Thomas Fisher Rare Book Library – Toronto (ON), Canada
The University of Toronto’s Thomas Fisher Rare Book Library has the largest collection of rare books and manuscripts available to the public in Canada, including an extensive collection of Lewis Carroll first editions, biographical material, and photography.

Strahov Theological Hall – Prague, Czech Republic
The ornately decorated library in the Strahov Monastery contains 18,000 religious texts, including many editions of the Bible in numerous languages.

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