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8 Futuristic and Innovative Yacht Designs

Yachts, along with private planes and Bentleys, are one of those things most of us know we’ll just never have. That doesn’t mean we can’t dream! And that is just what some yacht manufacturers and designers are doing. GadgetShop gathered some of the plans and specs for the most incredible, most high-tech, and definitely the most luxurious yachts ever seen, for a list of 8 Futuristic and Innovative Yacht Designs.

These are images of the Yacht-Villa. Resembling a horseshoe, this baby has an elevator that connects three decks, along with a 25 meter pool, spa, helipad, sauna, gym and massage room, a cinema, suites, terraces, and a lounge. Estimated price tag: $150 million.

While it looks like it’s part aircraft/part hovercraft, the Vif Argent Yacht is all boat. Offering smooth sailings at high speeds, it floats on its hull while at rest and then deploys its gliders during acceleration, to help attain speeds over 50 knots.

This interior (and the main image) come from the SENTORI 50 R from Motion Code Blue. This beauty provides a spacious, open floor plan complete with oversized windows. Also featuring skylights, a sunbed, and a wetbar, we’re pretty sure they’ll be no shortage of good times while on board.