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7 Most Dangerous Foods From Around the World

Seasoned travelers wouldn’t be caught dead in a Hard Rock Cafe halfway around the world. True adventure lovers dive right in and enjoy the local cuisine and steer clear of tourist traps. However, a little too much gastro-experimenting could prove too deadly for your appetite. Journey etc put together a list of some of the World’s Most Dangerous Foods…and some of them aren’t pretty. Consider yourself warned.

Fugu (also pictured in the main image) is otherwise known as blowfish or puffer fish.The fish contains a poison called tetrodoxin which can paralyze your muscles and seize your breathing. If it isn’t properly prepared, it could kill you, as there is no antidote for this poison. In Japan, it takes about three years of training before one can serve this dish.(image)

Every year, about six people die in Korea while enjoying a plate of Sannakji, or wriggling octopus. Because they are prepared alive in the markets of Seoul, the cephalopod’s suction cups can literally stick to your throat and cheeks, resulting in choking. (image)

The preparation of Casu Marzu, an Italian cheese served in Sardinia, involves leaving it in open air to speed up fermentation. In this time, flies and other things can land and lay eggs on the cheese. When you consume the cheese and unknowingly ingest the maggots, the tiny creatures can eat up the lining of your gut and intestines causing vomiting and muscle cramps.(image)

When prepared well and eaten properly, the ackee plant can be enjoyed in Jamaica. Though diners must beware: you can only eat the yellow parts inside. The red and black portions can be deadly and ingestion will result in a fatal drop in blood sugar and seizures. (image)

To see what other foods you should eat with caution when traveling, visit Journey etc for the rest of the less-than-appetizing list.