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6 Most Popular Types of Bicycles for Your Next Adventure

Bicycle tours are getting popular these days. Some even go to different countries to enjoy the benefits of traveling on bikes. If you plan to join a cycling tour, you better be prepared.

But, buying your first bicycle can be a bit tricky. You see many types of bicycles online but what suits you?

Here are 6 of the most popular types of bicycles that you can use on your next travel adventure:

1. Mountain bikes

Planning an off-road riding on hills? A mountain bike is a perfect companion. This type of bicycle is built with stronger components and frames compared to other bikes since this is designed for trips on the hills and over rocks and logs. But don’t be fooled because you may very much use this bike on-road too.

With most mountain bikes you can expect 26-inch wheels, around 21-27 gears, lower gears for easier uphill climbing and a forward-leaning position seat.


2. Touring bikes and road bikes

These bikes are fast, lightweight and very dynamic since it is built for pavement or on-road riding. This type is perfect for long-distance cyclists who wish to enjoy fast and intense rides for leisure or exercise. Touring bikes usually have smooth and narrow tires, skinny saddles, turned down handlebars, 27-inch wheels and 14-27 gears.

3. Trail bikes

Trail bikes are similar to mountain bikes but a bit heavier, less rugged and less expensive as well. These are perfect for trail and road riding. But do not try to use this type when climbing hills or mountains. These bikes are perfect for casual riders like students, commuters or leisure riders. You will find most trail bikes to have 26-inch wheels and 21-24 gears.


4. Comfort bikes

These bikes are somewhat similar to both mountain bikes and trail bikes but as the name suggests, this type of bicycle is very comfortable to use. The short distance between the seat and handlebars makes the cyclist more comfortable in his rides, sitting in an upright position. This is also why this bike is recommendable for those who have lower back problems. You can expect comfort bikes to feature 26-inch wheels, 7-24 gears, soft saddles, wide pedals, handlebar stems, and a shock-absorbing seat posts.

5. BMX bikes

BMX bikes or also sometimes referred as dirt bikes are general-purpose bikes that you can use anywhere especially for basic transportation or yes, dirt riding. This type is usually smaller with 20-inch wheels, one gear, hand breaks, knobby tires and short wheelbase frames.

6. Hybrid bikes

This type of bicycle shows mix features of mountain bikes and characteristics of comfort bikes. These bikes are perfect for riding both pavement and dirt trails. Both serious and casual riders will love hybrid bikes because of agility and speed features. These bikes have approximately 27-inch wheels and 21-24 gears.

Buying the right type of bicycle will help you enjoy your bike tours without worrying about your safety.

Whether you’re in the laid back streets of Paris, or the off-road desserts in Australia, a good bike will make the best out of your travel tour, so be wise in choosing the right bike to accompany you on your next adventure.