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50 of the Best Beaches in the World (Part 4)

Please enjoy our fourth edition of 50 of the Best Beaches in the World (Part 4).

31) Placencia Beach, Belize

Placencia Beach, BelizePhoto: photographyatlas.blogspot.gr/2013/03/sunrise-from-placencia-belize-central.html

Belize has incredible sunny beaches, wild rivers and Mayan ruins. You can relax on this beach when you take a break from other activities Belize has to offer.

32) Trunk Bay, U.S. Virgin Islands

Trunk Bay, U.S. Virgin IslandsPhoto: www.meja-kotak.blogspot.gr

One of the best beaches on U.S. Virgin Islands. It offers great snorkeling since numerous coral reefs are just couple of meters from the shoreline.

33) Tanjung Rhu, Malaysia

Tanjung Rhu, MalaysiaPhoto: retireediary.wordpress.com/2012/04/24/langkawi-tanjung-rhu

Most visitors on Langkawi herd to Pantai Cenang shore, yet the quieter Tanjung Rhu has a great ambience and tranquility. It´s long sunny shore is surrounded by magnificent limestone landscape and numerous underwater caves.

34) Panama City Beach, Florida


Every year, more than 6.000.000 sun seekers enjoy Panama City Beach, attracted by amazing water and white sand. Perhaps even attracted by the possibility of enjoying a beverage or two on a beach in the middle of a large city.

35) Little Corn Beaches, Nicaragua

Little Corn Beaches, NicaraguaPhoto: www.pinterest.com/pin/58828338857146783

Serene, undeveloped and stunning, Little Corn Island was a stop for backpackers. Today it is still secluded and is a spot for those searching for a couple of days of “out-of-town” and “no crowd” experience.

36) Cavendish Beach, Canada


This beach attracts visitors due to it´s beauty and spotted whalewatching.

37) Phra Nang Beach, Thailand

Phra Nang Beach, ThailandPhoto: www.pinterest.com/pin/239394536416357977

RailayNang Beach in Thailand is magnificent due to it´s dramatic landscape with limestones, white sand and turquoise water. Fishing and snorkeling just couple of meters offshore.

38) Abaka Bay, Haiti

Abaka Bay, HaitiPhoto: haititourisminc.wordpress.com

One of the best beaches in the Caribbean. Surrounded by picturesque villages and small resorts it offers a tranquil ambience for those who are avoiding crowded spots.

39) Naama Bay, Egypt

beach_egyptOn the Coast of Red Sea, Na’ama Bay has tremendously rich marine life and living corals which offer incredible snorkeling from the shore.

40) Haad Rin, Thailand

Haad Rin, ThailandPhoto: www.pinterest.com/pin/269371621435028139

Haad Rin’s notorious full moon gatherings are an unique experience.  In any case, besides parties, the beach has a great ambience, is very relaxed and attended by many local residents.

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