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5 Luxury Hideaways in South East Asia

South East Asia is a sub part of Asia consisting of countries like India, China, Australia and New Guinea. It is one of those few regions of the world, which attracts tourists from all over the world. There are remarkable luxurious hideaways along the coasts of South east Asia. Some of them are as follows:

1) Song Saa, Cambodia

Song Saa, CambodiaPhoto: www.flickr.com/photos/thomasmperry

These are small islands along the south coast of Cambodia having splendorous property with full commitment to marine life conservation. You can go for daily activities and various excursions followed by delicious dishes being offered by water restaurant. Alcohol lovers can pop down to bars at beaches.

2) Six Senses Con Dao, Vietnam

Six Senses Con Dao, VietnamPhoto: www.flickr.com/photos/idee_per_viaggiare

Six Senses Con Dao is hidden luxury in the region. You can have breathtaking views around the coasts of South China Sea as the property is aesthetically pleasing. This place takes care of couples as well as families in a similar way with various fodders. These fodders include bakery delights and different kinds of beach side restaurant. Relaxing spa is near round the corner of the beach itself.

3) Kura Kura Resort, Indonesia

Kura Kura Resort, IndonesiaPhoto: www.flickr.com/photos/idee_per_viaggiare

Situated on the Pulau Menyawakan island, the resort offers a little more than luxury. Each of its 21 pool villas are provided with 4×8 meter pools along with air conditioned bedrooms. You can have all the kinds of multi cuisine dishes ranging from classic Indonesian to Mediterranean dishes. It is a great spot for snorkeling and diving enthusiasts with real desert island experience.

4) Soneva Kiri, Thailand

Soneva Kiri, ThailandPhoto: www.flickr.com/photos/jchsieh

The Soneva Kiri situated on the island of Koh Kood is a synonym for luxury. You have to navigate with small aircraft flight followed by speedboat to reach the resort. The resort is spread over 41 acres of area which has 42 pool villas. To add to the area of the resort there are three restaurants, PADI dive center, world renowned spa and an eco-suite. There are a lot many walking trails, fishing tours and various other water-based activities in the island to attract regular tourists.

5) Amanpulo, Philippines

Amanpulo, PhilippinesPhoto: www.flickr.com/photos/damessenjah

Amanpulo is considered as one of the most aristocratic resorts in the location. The resort is situated at an hour’s flight from the Manila. There are magnificent turquoise seas and huge white sandy beaches, where anyone would love to spend time in relaxing and peaceful atmosphere. There are decorated casitas (small houses) available for stay having marble bathrooms, king size bed and raised bathtubs.