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24 Bizarre and Creative Phone Booths Around the World

We may not see a lot of them these days, thanks to mobile phones, but there are still plenty of phone booths in place around the world. Sure they’re not getting much attention from callers, but Walyou is giving them some love in this list of 24 Bizarre and Creative Phone Booths Around the World.

The arm gestures drawn on the wall, when accompanied by the booth shadows on the ground, create the lively phone booth’s alien-like portraits.

Found in Diving Village, Dubai, this cool shape of this phone booth is reminiscent of the pointed arch windows of a Gothic church. The two oil lamps on its sides add to its antiquity.

This Twitter booth foresees a day where Twitter is as necessary as phones were decades ago.  Even though the idea is cool, it’s quite unlikely that a Twitter nuts would go out unarmed by his smart phone.

A famous white kitty, her red hair bow…even the girl standing under it – everything about this phone booth is irresistibly adorable.

A street artist in Russia did an amazing work to turn the local boring phone booths into lively shark booths. One must see the human head disappearing behind the intimidating jaw to admire the beauty of the artwork. Unfortunately, the owners of the local phone company are businessmen, not artists.  The immediately sent the repairmen to turn the booths back to their deep-blue virgin state.

Called orelhão (big ear), the distinctive Brazilian phone booth was invented in 1971.

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