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21 Weird Statues

From Lady Liberty and Honest Abe to Christ the Redeemer and David, statues from all around the world are revered for their beauty and symbolism. Yet these sculptures, featured in Matador’s 21 Weird Statues photo essay, are a little different. Some are fun, most are freaky, and all of them will definitely make you look twice.

This sculpture in Krakow’s main square is hollow and people like to pose inside, peeping from the empty eye sockets.

This disproportionate statue of Peter the Great at Peter and Paul Fortress in St. Petersburg has a polished right finger from so many visitors rubbing it for good luck.

You can find this mask in the Gardens at Versailles.

In Java, Indonesia, this planter stands feet over head.

Detail from a statue outside the Monkey Forest Temple in Ubud.

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