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1977 VW BUS Turned Bar On Wheels

With the recent rise in popularity among lunch trunks, a bar on wheels doesn’t seem to out there. This 1977 Volkswagen bus turned into a fully functioning bar is up for grabs in Bangkok. Fully restored with a new paint job, the bus has a handy convertible feature which lowers the side panels and lets the entire roof to be opened up via handy hydraulics to essentially convert this classic vehicle into a party center on wheels. The motor on the bus bar (or bar bus) has also been restored to ensure that your booze-on-wheels business doesn’t run out of steam mid-commute. The 200 AH deep cycle battery on the bus provides the bar essentials you have in there (lighting, sound systems, appliances etc) on the go so you don’t really need to apply for an electricity connection for your biz. A 30 amp battery charger charges your party mobile when you snooze, but you can also plug-n-play via 110 or 220 VAC AC/DC inverter.

Other bar essentials featured on the mod include a large capacity ice chest to house ice, grub, booze etc and a commercial grade multi-speed VITEX blending machine that helps you kick start your bartending career. A USB-compatible 600Watt stereo with CD/DVD/MP3 player and a set of 5000Watt speakers with a mixing board lets you play live music for your customers, making your quaint little pub the hottest set of wheels in town.

via Automotto