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19 Innovative Bus Stop Concepts

From the site that brought you 17 Coolest Bus Stops Around the World, comes 19 Innovative Bus Stop Concepts. Who knew bus stops were so popular? Walyou, I guess. With a worldwide push for using less fuel, making the place to catch as bus appealing might be a step in the right direction.

As part of London Garden concept for a car-free zone of 4 students from the Royal College of Art, this futuristic bus stop triples as a bike storage and an electricity house. Bikes can be folded and stored on the tree like structures on top of the shelter. Energy generated by cycle racks from rainwater, sun, and wind can be stored in the bus stop and use for electric buses.

To attract more people to use public transportation, British designer Tiffany Roddis designed an environmentally friendly bus stop called the “Ecoshel.” The shelter integrates solar panels, electric generators, and pressure pads to reproduce its own electricity and heat. The Ecoshel also features an advanced route finder and GPS to guide passengers to reach their destinations on time.

Built with sustainable materials, bus stop shelter Intelligent Series Flex blends in harmoniously with the modern urban landscape. It also features a bluespot terminal equipped with advanced technologies including telephone,  WiFi, solar panel roof, dynamic display for schedule updates and announcements, advertising display case, bench, and waste bin.

The Drop Spot was designed as a draft assignment under “Space Saving & Space Creating Collapsibles.” The concept is an inflatable, collapsible, easy-to-install shelter that offers an instant and cost-effective alternative to bus stops and rain shelters. The weather resistant shelter is made of eco-friendly fabric and leaves no harmful waste to the environment.

This bus stop concept was proposed by a group of researchers at Massachusetts Institute of Technology to be installed next year in Florence, Italy. The EyeStop, as it is called, features touch-screens as well as LEDs that provide Web access, tools for planning a best route, and getting directions. You can choose to have your local EyeStop to sync with your phone to get latest updates about your frequent buses.

Dubbed as ROUNDbus Stop, the brilliant concept was designed by Viera Gorelova. It is intended to increase the eco-friendliness of the already car free Bratislava, Slovakia. The bus stop hosts a solar powered roof to light up the shelter in the dark. It also has a touch screen that renders info about the locality for the tourists.

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