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13 Funeral Vehicles For The Ultimate Last Ride

People who have lived to feed their fetish with fancy automobiles are making it a point that their last ride is worth remembering. So Auto Motto has rounded up 13 custom-made funeral vehicles that will make you slip in a state of awe.

Coleman Milne’s new range of Hearses and Limousines are based on the new Mercedes Benz E-Class, and are ideal for people who want their last ride to be coated with luxury. Mercedes Benz funeral vehicles are in high demand in the UK market.

Resembling a dachshund is this hearse. As the world’s first motorcycle hearse that requires two motorbike riders, it derives all its power from the 1,350cc Harley-Davidson engine. The coffin slips out at an angle of 90 degrees at the push of a button.

Funeral car collector, Fernando Aguerre salvaged this beautifully carved, one of a kind, wooden bodied hearse.

Resembling a vintage car, this 1927 Graham Child’s Hearse is designed especially to carry remains of children.

If you can handle more gloomy cars, visit the full list at Auto Motto.