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12 Best Lunch Trucks Across America

Whether you want a taco in LA or a schnitzel in New York, you can’t just pick any old “roach coach.” America’s got some amazing lunch trucks, if you know where to look. Actually, lunch trucks have a lot more to offer than just hot dogs and cheese steaks (not that there’s anything wrong with that) like delicious gourmet food from organic burgers to crème brûlée. Check out the 12 best lunch trucks across America to get just a small taste of what food trucks have to offer.

Don Chow – Los Angeles, CA
If you can’t decide between Mexican or Asian and you happen to be in LA, you don’t have to. Don Chow serves unique Meixcan-Asian fusion foods with one of a kind creations like the “chimale” which is a tamale with Asian style meats and delicious tomato salsa. The Don Chow Truck moves around the LA area, so you’ll have to keep track on their website.

Dessert Truck – New York, NY
There may be music on Clinton St all through the evening, but during the day there’s fresh creme brulee thanks to the Dessert Truck. Serving up delicious warm baked goods and sweet treats to people on the street, the Dessert Truck’s big claim to fame came when they beat Bobby Flay with their chocolate bread pudding.

On the Fly – Washington DC
Healthy lunch truck food… that tastes good? It’s true. On The Fly, an eco-vending operation in DC only serves locally grown foods that taste fresh. They serve delicious salads, veggie tacos and burgers out of their zero emissions plug-in smartkarts.

NYC Cravings – New York, NY
If you’re in New York and you have serious cravings for Asian cuisine, then you have to hit the NYC Cravings Truck. For $6 you can get crispy chicken over rice with the best pork sauce and pickled cabbage outside of Taiwan. Track them on Twitter so you know where to go when your next craving hits.

Flying Pig Truck – Los Angeles, CA
If you’ve ever thought to yourself “Sure, I’ll eat from a lunch truck, when pigs fly” then it’s time to put on your bib. The Flying Pig truck in LA offers delicious tacos and bun prepared with Pacific Rim flavors. Try one of their spicy pork tacos with green papaya and cilantro cream for $2.50. Another traveling truck, you can track down the Flying Pig on twitter.

Green Truck – Venice, CA
The Green Truck offers the best in eco-friendly meals on wheels, where everything from the food to the fuel is green. The truck runs on vegetable oil and bio-diesel and the food is locally grown and 100% organic. Unlike your typical “roach coach” the Green truck serves healthy options like fresh salads, free-range chicken and mercury free tuna tacos.

Cupcake Truck – New Haven, CT
Connecticut’s Cupcake Truck is a mini bakery on wheels that when it’s not travelling, delivers delicious gormet cupcakes. Not your average vanilla cupcake, they offer flavors like Chocolate Ruin, Red Velvet Jones and Sweet Potato Pecan. If you’re more into frosting, you can try a sample of their butter cream.

Chef Shack – Minneapolis, MN
The coasts aren’t the only places in the US with great lunch trucks. The Chef Shack in Minneapolis made a name for itself with savory selections that are made to order. Things to try include bison burgers, pulled pork nachos and Indian spice donuts.

Schnitzel & Things – NYC
Sure, you’ve had plenty of New York hot dogs, but if you want a good brat, find the Schnitzel & Things cart. But of course if it’s your first time, you gotta go with a schnitzel and maybe a side of Austrian potato salad. Check out their latest location on their blog.

Baby’s Badass Burgers – Los Angeles, CA
Not only one of the best lunch trucks in the country, but definitely the sexiest. Sort of like Hooters on wheels, Baby’s Badass Burgers features pinup style art across their hot pink truck which is run by sexy girls in tank tops and shorts. They serve burgers and hot sandwiches with names like the Cougar, Hot Chick and their veggie burger, the “Au Naturale.”

Food Shark – Marfa, Texas
The iconic old school lunch truck, the Food Shark truck doesn’t have a fancy paintjob or logo—just a metal truck with hand-painted lettering. It doesn’t need all that when it’s got the best Middle Eastern and Mediterranean menu for miles. If you’re in Marfa, TX and craving a falafel, you have to try a “Marfalafel” from Food Shark.

Nom Nom Truck – Los Angeles, CA
While you may be able to find Vietnamese restaurants in LA, banh mi is a bit hard to come by… or at least it was before the Nom Nom Truck. The Nom Nom truck serves the best Vietnamese sandwiches in LA. Even though it travels, you can’t miss it! The Nom Nom truck is green and orange with an adorable hungry mascot on the side so it’s easy to spot.