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11 Stupid Travel Accessories

If you’ve been on a plane in recent years, you’ve had a few laughs on behalf of the in-flight shopping catalogues. Along the same lines, late night infomercials are always good for a little comical relief. We have stupid inventions and gadgets to thank for that. In no other industry do these ridiculous products stand out quite like they do in the world of travel. Travel accessories and gear are designed to keep travelers comfortable, safe, healthy and happy…but not without making you look totally stupid to boot. Here are 11 of the Stupidest Travel Accessories we’ve come across on our web-based expeditions.


Mosquito Repeller

Mosquitoes sure know how to ruin a lovely summer vacation. You’ve tried the candles, the sprays and the lotions, now it’s time to bring in the big guns. Strap on this Mosquito Repeller and sit back and repel mosquitoes (and every cool person) within a 15′ radius wherever you go.

Portable Bidet

You deserve the comforts of home, even when you’re not. So if you’re home includes a bidet, the TOTO Portable Washlet is intended to get the job done in a similar fashion. Don’t see the connection? Don’t worry, neither do we. But we sure are glad they come in pink and blue, we wouldn’t want our sexuality questioned by the color of our portable bidet.

UV Disinfection Light Scanner

The Nano-UV Disinfection Light Scanner by Zadro Products eliminates 99.99% of bacteria, mold, fungus and virus surface contaminants in only 10-seconds, from virtually any type of surface, to create a more germ-free environment. Just whip out your magic wand in restaurants, or on public transportation, and begin your Germ-warrior dance!

Shopping Cart Camper

Forget cabins and tents! Living not out of, but inside of a shopping cart is beyond roughing it. Designed by Kevin Cyr, the Camper Kart is a pop-up camper in a shopping cart. So while you’ll look totally inconspicuous pushing a shopping cart around town during the day, by night it pops open for sleeping.

Fries and Things Cupholder

If you picked out your vehicle or car rental based on the size of the cup holder (must accommodate a 32 ouncer), you don’t have to stop there! Healthy living demands a holder specifically designed to hold your preferred fast food fries! The Fries and Things Cup Holder Accessory wants you to enjoy the ride…you can worry about your heart later.

Power Shelf

Suddenly even your gadgets are too good for the floor or counter-top. Just think of all the germs! If you don’t have a UV light, imagine the horror your iPhone will encounter on a hotel floor. The Power Shelf allows you to transform the existing outlet cover into one that includes a safe and sound place for your precious gadgets.

Travel Folding Footrest

Tell us, what’s the point in traveling anywhere if you can’t bear to rest your feet on the ground for a few hours on a plane? Are you going to being your jazzy with you to get around the streets of your final destination? The Travel Folding Foot Rest allows you to “take back relief everywhere you go.” Sounds like a wild adventure.

Aquabell Sets

We’re all about staying active (and avoiding foot rests) when on vacation. However, most hotels are equipped with a gym, and if not, we’re sure a nice jog around town will suffice. The Aquabell Sets work by adding tap water that will expand the weights up to 4 lbs. capacity. We’re guessing anyone who is concerned with slacking on their weight training isn’t going to get much definition from 4 lbs.

Skyrest Travel Pillow

Let us start by saying, we do not doubt that this guy is very, very comfortable. We’d try this out too, if we were all about sacrificing personal pride for comfort. Imagine sitting next to this man and his giant Skyrest Travel Pillow? Not only do you have to shimmy on by his legs, but you have to dodge the big blue furry monster too.

Luggage Drink Holder

Some travelers have a lot going on, especially if they have family in tow…but if your hands are too full to carry the coffee, is the Tugo Luggage Drink Holder really your simplest solution? In the time it takes to whip this out and secure it to your luggage, you could have sat down and sipped on a small black with two sugars.

Ultra Mini Air Supply

There’s no better way to charm the locals than to let them know you think their air is crap. The Ultra Mini Air Supply substantially reduces pollutants, dust, smoke, pollens and odors in the air and kills bacteria and viruses, as fresh air is released towards your mouth, nose and eyes. While we understand using it on the plane, we can only hope that travelers will pack it away upon landing.