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10 Weirdest Shops & Markets

For most people, travel and shopping go hand in hand. If you can visit a new destination without making a purchase, bravo to you, oh thrifty one. For a recent list titled, 10 Weirdest Shops and Markets, Oddee found some bizarre places where you might be able to avoid a purchase…or spring for one you just can’t resist.

Strippers World – Australia

Almost certainly the least classy shop in Australia, this grim-looking dive specializes in selling items of clothing that strippers might like to wear. Which, instead of tasteful, sensual lingerie generally means cheap satin-effect undies with crude words for female genitalia emblazoned across the front.

Gypsy Bride’s Market – Bulgaria

Dressed in their finest clothes and gold jewelery, thousands of teenage Roma girls parade around by their parents at an open-air brides market. Wearing lots of make-up, the teenagers come to the traditional annual market in Bulgaria, hoping to find a husband and preferably one willing to pay a large amount of money for his future spouse.

Shipping Container Shop- Switzerland

Swiss company Freitag is responsible for making some of the most fashionable bags on the market, and not just because they look good – these bags are made from recycled materials, with an average Freitag bag consisting of a truck-tarp body and seatbelt strap. In 2006, for their flagship free way shop in Zurich, the Freitag brothers decided to stick with this environmentally friendly stance and built a store from 17 rusty shipping containers, and it looks surprisingly inviting.

Floating Market – Indonesia

Banjarmasin, South Kalimantan, (Indonesia) is the city known as the city of a thousand rivers. This city has a uniqueness that is very interesting. Here, there is a traditional market that is better known as Muara Kuin Floating Market, located in the Barito river waters at the mouth of the river Muara Kuin. The traders bring a variety of materials by using “jukung” (small boats used by the public).

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