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10 insane restaurants you have to visit

If you want to open a restaurant today, you have to come up with a unique concept in case you want to succeed, attract customers and not be one in a million. You have to keep in mind that some of the customers are willing to pay a considerable amount of money for an experience they will remember. Below we listed 10 insane restaurants you have to visit.

Dinner in the sky, Belgium


Dinner in the sky is literally a flying dinner. An installation once used in amusent parks has been transformed to a restaurant table which lifts you up in the air where you can enjoy a spectacular meal. Many famous chefs have developed five star menus for this epic restaurant. This concept has now been introduced even in USA, Japan, Australia, Dubai and Mexico. You can live your childhood dream and have a dinner while flying but make sure to book the table in advance.

Alcatraz, Japan


Alcatraz is basically a prison hospital restaurant. Waitresses will handcuff you and pretend to inject a needle upon your arrival. After that you will be taken to a prison cell. You can order a variety of food such as freshly dead chicken, penis sausage (a sausage carved as an amputated penis) and incestines. Even drinks are serves in glasses with “blood” on. A dinner at Alcatraz is certainly something to remember.

O`Noir, Montreal

Insane_O.Noir-BarO’Noir will introduce yo to dining in the dark. The concept offers enhanced senses of food taste and smell when sight senses are not involved. No candles or mobile phone flash are allowed to be used during the dinner. The entire staff of this restaurant is blind which will give you an insight how blind people dine.
Perhaps this could be considered for a first blind date?

Hadaka Sushi, LA

insane_hadake-sushiHadaka Sushi restaurant is also called “naked sushi” since you will eat your sushi from human flesh. A person is lying naked on the table and entire sushi buffét is served on his/her body. We suspect that hygiene should be priority number one in this type of restaurants which have now spead to many countries around the world.

Marton theme, Taiwan

insane_toiletIf eating out of toilets might be your thing you should try the Marton theme in Taiwan. The whole restaurant is decorated as a bathroom with shower curtains, bathtubs as tables and toilet seats as chairs. Delicious meals are served on plates formed just as tiolet seats. The concept has been so successful in Taiwan that additional similar restaurants hava been opened.

Aurum, Singapore

insane_aurumAurum houses a bar, night club and restaurant Clinic under the same roof. Upon your arrival for the dinner you will be seated in a wheelchair and rolled to a table. All tables look like they were just rolled out from a surgery room. Drinks are served either as a drip or in glasses which remind you of laboratory equipment. Enjoy if you dare.

Cabbages and Condoms, Thailand

insane_cabbages-and-condomsThe initial idea of this restaurant was to emphasize the need of family planning however the concept gained large local and international attention. The entire restaurant is decorated with condoms from all over the world and with photos related to familly planning. Even the staff of this place are wearing hats which are blown up condoms.

De Kas, Holland

insane_dekasDe Kas is located in a set of greenhouses. They grow their own herbs and vegetables which are used in the food they serve. Every day new menus are set depending on the harvest they get. You can enjoy a pre-dinner drink in on a summer evening in a herb garden. Local, ecological and clean eating is guaranteed.

Robot Kitchen Hong Kong

Robot delivers a dish to customers at a Robot Restaurant in HarbinTired of unpolite waiters? Try Robot Kitchen in Hong Kong. Three robots are “employed” at the restaurant, one will take your order, another one will serve your food and the third one will entertain you (yes, even dancing). The place has been so popular that the owner decided to hire fourth robot.