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10 Eco-Friendly Places to Stay in the U.S.

These days you’ll find that more and more hotels are putting up placards and hang tags encouraging guests to reuse towels and sheets on multi-night stays. But there are some hostels and hotels that are stepping up their green efforts even more. Kristin Conard of Matador Network recently listed 10 eco-friendly places to stay in the U.S. that will help you leave a smaller footprint as you travel, with options from spending $25 to $300 a night.

On the Big Island in Hawaii, Hedonisia Hawaii has “jungle style lodgings.” Previously the area was a car junkyard, now the 3.72 acres has camping facilities, and nine other lodging options, all made of recycled or renewable materials.

The LEED-Gold certified Hotel Palomar in Center City, Philadelphia is a Kimpton Hotel property, many of which are eco-friendly. Every room includes information on suggestions and reminders for how guests can help reduce their energy use – adjust the thermostat when not in the room, reuse towels, etc. While the mini-bars are stocked with organic options, and the coffee and tea are organic and/or fair-trade. Those driving hybrid vehicles get a discount on parking.

Accommodation at The Hostel in the Forest includes eight tree houses/huts, three rooms, and a bunkhouse. The water used at the Brunswick, Georgia lodging drains directly to the ground below, so guests are asked to use organic soaps. 80% of the wasted produced is recycled, conservation of electricity is encouraged, and dead wood from the forest is used for the stoves in the kitchen.

LEED-Silver certified Hotel Terra Jackson Hole in Wyoming is less than a mile away from Grand Teton National Park. The recycled roof shingles are made from reinforced vinyl and cellulose fiber. The elevator walls are decorated with recycled leather tiles, the mattresses are made in part from recycled steel springs, and the entire building was made with 80% recycled content in the steel. The bath products, coffee, sheets, towels, and bathrobes are all 100% organic. There are also dual flush toilets, waterless urinals in the men’s public bathrooms, solar-powered faucets in the public bathrooms.

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