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10 Cool Cruises

We can’t blame people for associating about cruises with matching sweatsuits, oversized luggage and the dreaded captain’s dinner. For younger generations and among the hipper crowds, cruises are about as cool as using papers to as a source for news. AskMen.com recently compiled a list of 10 Cool Cruises, that just might change those doubtful minds. Here are a few highlights from the list:

Style and cruising don’t always go hand in hand. However, you’re guaranteed a chic time aboard Serenity, the ship that is widely considered the best in the world. Part of part of Crystal Cruises’ fleet, its voyage from Beijing to Hong Kong is focused entirely around style and fashion, from fashion-themed dinners to tours around shopping malls when you dock at port.

Cruises don’t have to be all about sand, sun and flashy shows. With an emphasis on wildlife encounters, personal contact with the environs and visiting sites of historic interest, Polar Cruises are made for nature lovers and those who seek adventure of a different kind.

While most serious cruisers book to avoid spring break season, Spring Break Bahamas Party Cruise offered by Paradise Parties, which carries a wild crowd from Fort Lauderdale in Florida to Freeport on Grand Bahama Island. With MTV as the sponsor, it should be clear that this isn’t your grandparent’s cruise.

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