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10 Airplane & Train Hotels

You might need to ride on a train or fly in a plane to get to your vacation destination, but how about remaining in on for the length of your stay? If you’re looking for a truly unique getaway, consider lodging in a vehicle-turned-hotel, like these airplane and train hotels. Presented by Journey etc. this list of 10 will make for an unforgettable experience.

Controversy Tram in Hoogwoud, Netherlands

This former city tram was converted into a five room bed and breakfast hotel. These rail cars used to carry passengers in Germany and Amsterdam but the owners were able to convert them into hotel rooms with double bed, shower, toilet, and sink top.

Northern Rail Hotel in Minnesota, USA

This train car unique hotel was converted from rail wagons that used to carry goods. The hotel has 17 rooms to offer within the train cars which are connected by a walkway. You can go for a Conductor Suite that comes with a big bed, a living area, and simple amenities like a microwave and a refrigerator. They also have a simpler Porter Suite that comes with a sofa pull out and a queen bed.

Jumbo Stay in Arlanda, Sweden

Jumbo Stay is an airplane hotel, a 747 airliner to be exact, that has 75 beds in its 27 rooms. This retired jumbo jet was converted to a hostel that can make your sleeping in the cockpit dream come true. Set in Arlanda, Sweden, guests can choose from several types of airplane hotel accommodation like a budget dormitory, suite, and combo rooms. The shower and toilet are shared and aptly located along the corridors of the plane. The cockpit suite gives you a good view of the airport.

Union Station in Indianapolis, USA

Crowne Plaza in Indianapolis offers a unique experience at the Union Pacific Railroad where guests can book any of the 26 sleeper car rooms. Each of the Pullman train cars can house two travelers who will enjoy interiors inspired by famous personalities of the 1900s like Winston Churchill, Charlie Chaplin, Jean Harlow, and Cole Porter. The tracks by the way are still active, so you will be felling some mild rumbling when trains pass by which adds to the unique hotel experience.

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