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World’s most overrated cities

Expectations are sky high before departure, but once in place, the dreams turn into a big “oh well”.  We have listed six world’s most overrated cities and sites.


Overrate_Dubai World's most overrated cities


You  don’t hear very often someone say: “I was in Dubai last week and now I must go back.” Cause: Dubai is a pretty boring place. Some very tall buildings and hotel resorts with private beaches in a desert is simply never quite exciting.


overrate_beijing-1024x683 World's most overrated cities
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It’s enormous and drenched in smog. The Chinese capital is a special experience itself, but most of it is not particularly interesting. If you find giant Asian cities fascinating, Seoul or Tokyo might be more enjoyable.


Vienna3-1024x676 World's most overrated cities

Vienna has over the years received a bit more attention than it deserves. Despite the picturesque cafés with sweet pastries, wine shops and Schönbrunn Palace, the Austrian capital is grossly overrated as a destination. Anyone who likes Central Europe should visit Prague or perhaps Bratislava instead.


FLORIDA-BOYCOTT-NABJ-facebook-1024x683 World's most overrated cities

With Orlando’s theme parks, Miami’s city life, Everglades wildlife and beaches, Florida constantly is in the world’s media. The attention is not only beneficial. Expectations are high and once in place a disappointment can easily occur, for example in comparison to New York or California. So if you are heading to Florida, turn down your expectations.

Khao Lak

test World's most overrated cities

The city of Khao Lak could be any tourist resort anywhere in the world and the beaches – yes, they are fine with their white sand and warm waters, but there are far more beautiful places in Thailand, for example, the south of Krabi. In addition, the small family-run hotels are disappearing along the Khao Lak beach. Instead, more and more large impersonal giant hotels are being established. But yes, for a few days of relaxation Khao Lak works. In any case, make sure to visit places outside the city.


overrated_brussels-1024x768 World's most overrated cities

Brussels is an ordinary European city with an unusually beautiful square, the Grand Place. What puts Brussels on this list is a specific attraction – the world famous Maneken Pis . The statue depicts a little boy urinating – and yes, it is just as uninteresting as it sounds. Still attracts the little boy (he is really small) hordes of tourists every day. Incomprehensible.