10 of the Best Places to Visit in Europe

Best Places to Visit in Europe

Whether you want a luxury travel or just a grand adventure, Europe is the place to be. Make your trip to this continent a very satisfying by visiting several of these 10 must-see destinations:   1. Dorset, UK Photo: www.flickr.com/photos/petervanallen Swimming, camping, water adventure, hiking, trekking, or just plain relaxing – name it and you will enjoy it in Dorset. This place is not to be excluded in your European itinerary. You’ll enjoy your stay here and will definitely come back again.   2. Mont Blanc, … [Read more...]

Zurich’s Swimming Holes


Zurich isn't exactly the land of fun in the sun. The Swiss city is the land of winter. But this only makes the city’s summer proliferation of urban swimming holes that much cooler. A swimming hole is a natural body of water that is large and deep enough to swim in. They’re built onto platforms on Lake Zurich, the River Limmat or the various canals. Many have been bathing spots for more than 100 years and have cool architectural features or turn into bars at night. A recent article posted on Gridskipper highlights some of the coolest swimming holes to visit. Pier West on the River … [Read more...]

Amazing Office Spaces from Around the World


Unless you have a cushy private office, chances are you work in the same grey cubicle used by millions of companies all over the world. You can do your best to dress it up, but even that won't make it exciting. Though some of the best companies actually make an effort to ensure that their offices are fun, creative places that employees look forward to going every day. LifeScoop's Amazing Office Spaces from Around the World gives us a glimpse of what it's like to work inside the offices of these generous companies. Inventionland Offices in Pittsburgh, PA LEGO Development … [Read more...]

10 Weirdest Shops & Markets


For most people, travel and shopping go hand in hand. If you can visit a new destination without making a purchase, bravo to you, oh thrifty one. For a recent list titled, 10 Weirdest Shops and Markets, Oddee found some bizarre places where you might be able to avoid a purchase...or spring for one you just can't resist. Strippers World - Australia Almost certainly the least classy shop in Australia, this grim-looking dive specializes in selling items of clothing that strippers might like to wear. Which, instead of tasteful, sensual lingerie generally means cheap satin-effect … [Read more...]

Whitepod – Switzerland


Whitepod hotel is a 24-room, 5-star, luxury boutique hotel in Bretaye, Switzerland. Nestled in the charming village of Les Cerniers, surrounded by a blanket of glistening white snow and panoramic mountain views in the heart of the Swiss Alps. The pods are five eight-foot-high white geodesic-dome tents that are perched 5,600 feet up a mountain in the Switzerland Alps. The tents are accessible only by foot or on skis. They have no plumbing or electricity, but each has a highly efficient wood stove and are grouped around a restored 19th-century farmhouse that has a solar shower and … [Read more...]

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