The Coolest Winter Holiday Destinations


If leaving the cold behind isn't your idea of winter fun, you might want to check out one of these cities. Named the Coolest Winter Holiday Destinations by Travelphant, they have just as much to offer as the typical tropical destinations...and they involve a whole lot more clothing. A cosmopolitan metropolis in Canada’s Quebec province, Montreal is a buzzy, creative melting pot where the wine is always flowing and the bars are always rocking, even as temperatures plummet to Arctic depths. To experience Montreal spirit in all its glory, head to Igloofest which takes place over nine … [Read more...]

10 of America’s Most Haunted Hotels


Just in time for Halloween we thought we'd pass along the list featuring 10 of America's Most Haunted Hotels, as presented by Like Me. The following hotels are not for the faint of heart, but will certainly appeal to those seeking a little ghost adventure. This Halloween season, skip your local haunted hayride, and travel to the nearest haunted hotel in your area. It all started in the 1920s, when the Algonquin Hotel in New York City was the daily meeting spot for the "Vicious Circle,” a group of writers, editors, actors and playwrights also known as the Round Table. For eight years, the … [Read more...]

World’s Best Hotel Boutiques


We're usually talking about cool new boutique hotels, but today is all about hotel boutiques. The gift shops located in hotels have come a long way from the place for sundries and a few postcards. Hip and trendy destinations call for something a little cooler than that. Slowly but surely, hoteliers have upped the shopping ante, commissioning one-of-a-kind designer goods, collaborating with local artisans, and turning yesterday's gift shops into destinations in their own right. compiled a list of some of the Best Hotel Boutiques around. At Ballymaloe House, in rural Ireland, … [Read more...]

Ten Awesomely Named Lunch Trucks


We brought you the 12 Best Lunch Trucks across America (and boy were some f you mad about the ones we left out!) but SFWeekly pulled together a list of 10 lunch trucks with the coolest names. With the popularity of lunch trucks, it's no wonder that a clever name would become part of their success. ​India Jones City: Los Angeles Why it's awesomely named: What looks like a typo at first circles around your head and smacks you with a cute turn of phrase. ​The Mud Truck City: New York Why it's awesomely named: Mud isn't the first thing you think of when you'e hungry. ​Big Gay … [Read more...]

4Food – High-Tech Custom Burger Joint in NYC


4food is a new high-tech restaurant in Midtown Manhattan (40th Street and Madison Avenue) whose goal is to de-junk fast food. Serving donut shaped burgers, they offer scoops of various toppings to add in the middle. All burger creations can be created in advance through the website to have ready to pickup when you arrive. Customers are encouraged to save and name their own burger, so that when other people order it they receive a $0.25 credit on future purchases and your burger will rise on the leaderboard. via Laughing Squid … [Read more...]

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