The Farm Hotel – India


When visiting Jaipur, India the eclectic art hotel, The Farm is certainly something you'll want to check out. Situated on a green retreat 25 minutes from the "Pink City,"  The Farm is a creative eco-resort that places an emphasis on both recycling and art. Visitors can lounge by the pool, rest in art-filled rooms or enjoy a sustainable meal on site. The eco/art heavy lodging features work by artists both emerging and established, and focuses on those who use recycled or re purposed materials. If the eclectic atmosphere isn't enough to get you there, visitors can also enjoy … [Read more...]

Hotel Americano – New York City


Keeping in line with New York City's ever-evolving landscape, where run down and perpetually under construction stand side by side with modern chic and historical landmark, Hôtel Americano is parking-garage-turned-boutique-hotel. The beautiful, new, 10-story boutique hotel in Chelsea is an impressive glass structure encased in metal mesh, capturing the industrial feel of the neighborhood.   via Knstrct … [Read more...]

New Hotel – Athens


A new hotel, appropriately named, New Hotel opened in Athens on the 1st July. A member of the Yes! Hotels group. New Hotel is the first hotel venture by award winning Brazilian designers, The Campana Brothers. As expected, the design hotel features stunning interiors, intriguing furniture and handmade fixtures. Giant wood scraps are used throughout, giving it a woodsy-feel that's somehow modern and chic. via Dezeen … [Read more...]

Lords South Beach Hotel, Miami


Described as an "appropriately oriented hotel," Miami Beach’s Lords South Beach Hotel is also an "appropriately Miami" hotel. Exactly what you'd expect from the sizzling hot city, its playful design details include giant prints of Liz Taylor and Debbie Harry, studded leather chairs and a giant, beach ball wielding polar bear. There's certainly no shortage of bold and exciting eye candy at this new gay resort. via We Heart … [Read more...]

Futuristic Fantasy Hotels: 14 Wild Concept Designs


We feature some pretty awesome hotels here, but concept designs are what really lets our wandering imaginations go wild. Who wouldn’t want to stay in a hotel that’s located on the sea floor, serviced by airships, precariously perched on a cliffside or adorned with a 10-story statue of a robotic Michael Jackson? These 14 hotel concepts, as presented by WebUrbanist are imaginative, futuristic and sometimes humorously wacky, but perhaps not all of them are destined to be unbuilt forever... The MORPHotel was inspired by a spinal cord, able to adapt its shape to the weather conditions and the … [Read more...]

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