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The Hottest 10 Travel Destinations of 2016

Sunsets, nature experiences, better airports… Here are next year’s hottest countries to travel to according to the guidebook publisher Lonely Planet’s prestigious list “Best travel in 2016”. Here are the hottest travel destinations for 2016.

10. Fiji

best_fiji-700x342 The Hottest 10 Travel Destinations of 2016Number ten on the list of countries you should visit in 2016 is Fiji. One of the main reasons, according to Lonely Planet, is the easier access to these paradise islands of the Pacific next year as the country’s international airport is being renovated.

9. Greenland

best_greenland1-700x394 The Hottest 10 Travel Destinations of 2016Lonely Planet suggests midnight sun and glaciers, dreams of whale safaris and dog sledging on the tundra. The main reason why Greenland is on the list “Best Travel 2016” is that the country will host the Arctic Winter Games next year.

8. Uruguay

best_uruguay2-700x525 The Hottest 10 Travel Destinations of 2016

Three million people are expected to visit Uruguay next year although there should be far more tourists visiting in terms of what the country has to offer. A small but beautiful capital (Montevideo), great night life, the pampas and glamour vacationing in the exclusive resort of Punta del Este.

7. Poland

best_poland-700x394 The Hottest 10 Travel Destinations of 2016

The number of tourists in Poland is rising and yet we don’t seem to see an end to the boom. Wroclaw will be the European Capital of Culture next year and the constantly hot city of Krakow will get extra spotlight when the Pope celebrates World Youth Day in this southern city. Additionally, several new routes to Krakow open next year.

6. Australia

best_aus_sydney-700x467 The Hottest 10 Travel Destinations of 2016

The strong Australian dollar has previously made it an expensive experience for travelers. Next year this will change, at least for those who want to drive a car. As petrol price drops in 2016, it will be the perfect year for a road trip in Australia.

5. Latvia 

best_latvia-700x394 The Hottest 10 Travel Destinations of 2016 With Estonia in the north and Lithuania in the south, Latvia is in the middle of the Baltic sandwich, a beautiful and well kept old town quarter attracts many people from all over the world each year.

4. Palau

best_palau-700x438 The Hottest 10 Travel Destinations of 2016

Palau, the island state in the Pacific Ocean and 800 kilometers east of the Philippines, is undoubtedly one of the world’s best diving and snorkeling destinations. Some call the sprawling archipelago “the Serengeti under the surface.”

3. USA

2016_USA-700x525 The Hottest 10 Travel Destinations of 2016

America is a good idea in 2016, writes the Lonely Planet. The National Park Service is a federal agency that manages all national parks, many national monuments, and other conservation and historical properties with various designations and this year it celebrates it’s 100 years. So lace up your boots and step into the 340,000 square-kilometer landscape of nature guarded by the 100 year old authority.

2. Japan

2016_japan-700x394 The Hottest 10 Travel Destinations of 2016

Over 15 million tourists have visited Japan so far in 2015. 2016 is expected to attract even more visitors. One of the reasons is, according to the Lonely Planet, that Tokyo will organize the Olympic Summer Games in 2020. 

1. Botswana
2016_botswana-safari-package-lrg-700x468 The Hottest 10 Travel Destinations of 2016

On the top of the Lonely Planet list as the Best in Travel destination in 2016 is Botswana, which celebrates 50 years as an independent nation next year (previously it belonged to the British protectorate of Bechuanaland) . Botswana has many nature reserves and rich wildlife. The country offers, among other things, the Mashatu Game Reserve.