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Gourmet Cuisine in Singapore

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There are many places around Singapore where you can enjoy a delicious meal; cuisine in Singapore is diverse and tasty and eating is almost a national obsession! Whilst you will find many traditional dishes in the numerous food courts and hawker centres, if you want to enjoy some fine dining in Singapore these following places offer the very best gourmet tastes and enchanting environments in which to feel at ease:


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Within the Hilton Hotel, Iggy’s consistently ranks highly and gets excellent reviews from diners. Often being named as one of the very best restaurants for great cuisine in Singapore, it serves a blend of different global cuisines, drawing upon inspirations from Asia, Europe, and Australia. Lunch and dinner menus are available, although the restaurant is closed on Sundays and it is not open for Saturday lunch time.


jaan1 Gourmet Cuisine in Singapore
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Part of the Swissotel and open every day for dinner and all days except Sundays for lunch, JAAN is a popular place for a memorable meal. The dishes make the most of local ingredients, really bringing out the tastes and flavours in seasonal produce. It is clear that a lot of love goes into tenderly preparing each dish and the ambience in the restaurant is fantastic. Several menus are available, offering the finest samples of Singaporean cuisine.


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You’ll find this gem at the Fullerton Pavilion, close to the waterfront and looking out towards the Marina Bay Sands. The interiors are pretty space-age-like, with lots of futuristic touches, adding something a little bit different to your dining experience. Choose what you fancy from the tempting a la carte menu and enjoy classic dishes as well as those with a surprising added twist. It’s ideal for both lunch and dinner, and in the evenings it has quite a lively party air.


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If you want all the fine flavours of France whilst in Singapore make sure that you don’t miss a chance to dine at Gunther’s. There are plenty of modern takes on firm favourites and the Belgian-born chef has won several awards for his culinary excellence. You will find this establishment of Purvis Street.

Some other great places for a sumptuous meal in elegant surroundings include the spectacular Restaurant Andre, Tippling Club, Les Amis, Waku Ghin, and Luke’s Oyster Bar. There are many more too – fabulous cuisine in Singapore is easy to find and the country is certainly not short of terrific top quality places to dine.