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Best Places for a Cocktail in South East Asia

Relaxing in beautiful surroundings with a tasty and cocktail is often a brilliant way to round off a fun-filled day of activities and adventures. Whether you want to sit by the coast, hearing the waves gently lapping pristine sands, gaze upon fabulous city skylines, enjoy an olde-worlde atmosphere, or mingle with the locals, there are loads of places across South East Asia where you can enjoy a perfectly mixed cocktail.

Some top picks include:

Long Bar, Raffles Hotel, Singapore

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Take a step back in time to the days of British colonialism and enjoy an atmosphere that takes you back to the times when prominent members of society would sit in the charming Long Bar and discuss matters of the day. Although it has been moved from its original position in the hotel, the recreated Long Bar replicates the atmosphere from its heyday. The place where the Singapore Sling cocktail was born, what better place could you choose to enjoy this drink when in Singapore? You could also try a newer invention of the bar – the Tiger Lily, named in honour of Shanghai Lily. A beautiful portrait of Shanghai Lily hangs behind the well-stocked bar. Within the opulent and grand Raffles Hotel, itself an icon of Singapore, this is a perfect place to enjoy a drink or two.

Speakeasy, Phuket, Bangkok

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Another great bar that takes you back in time, journey backwards to the days of US prohibition. Chic and sophisticated, melt into one of the comfortable sofas as you browse the extensive cocktail menu. Admire the fine décor and furnishings as you sip your drink and chat. Friday evenings feature live music and you can also sit outside on the boardwalk with great views of luxury yachts in the marina.

MO Bar, Jakarta, Indonesia

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With a winning combination of fabulous cocktails, excellent music, and a cool and collected atmosphere, MO Bar really is one of the best places to enjoy an evening in lively and busy Jakarta. Attracting a stylish and sophisticated set, you can sink into one of the comfortable seats or take a perch at the bar, whichever takes your fancy! As well as plenty of favourite cocktails the bar also offers some of its own signature specialities. With a large wine list and plenty of other drinks as well, everyone will find a drink that is perfect for their mood.

Check out Bangkok’s Sky Bar, made famous in the movie Hangover II, within Lebua in State Tower for some amazing views over the city below and to mingle with a flash crowd, Palawan’s Blue Bar that makes the most of the spectacular Filipino ocean views, the elegant and refined Breeze Bar within the exclusive and high class Westin Lagkawi Resort (Malaysia), and if you’re in Vietnam’s Hanoi don’t miss the three bars of the Sofitel Metropole, all gorgeous but with their own unique and individual flair.

There are many other places around South East Asia that offer the perfect cocktail … enjoy!