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Airplane Homes

If you own an airplane, chances are you’re not interested in downsizing your living quarters. Though if you can get your hands on a cheap, out of use plane, you can certainly turn it into a home. Sound good? To a few wacky people, it did. Dark Roasted Blend put together a nice collection of converted jets from around the world. While most of them are gimmick-y hotel properties, rather than actual homes, that doesn’t mean it can’t be done captain.

plane-homes-11 Airplane Homes

plane-homes-2 Airplane Homes

The above images are from the 727 Fuselage House, which you can stay in when visiting beautiful Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica. The refurbished, vintage 1965 Boeing 727 airframe is now a luxuriously appointed suite, nestled in rock that hovers above paradise.

plane-homes-51 Airplane Homes

This super cool lodging in the Netherlands is a part of Dutch Company, Hotel Suites. They’ve converted a 120-seat 1960 East German plane into a one-of-a-kind luxury hotel suite, that features a sauna and a Jacuzzi.

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We wonder if a night in one of these counts towards Mile High Club membership? Eh, probably not. At any rate, you’ll want to visit Dark Roasted Blend for more images of these amazing reclaimed jets.