5 Amazing Travel Destinations in the Ionian Sea of Greece

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Facing the western side of Greece, the legendary Ionian Sea cradles beautiful and captivating islands and world travel award winning beaches that draw international travelers time and again. The Eptanissa or seven island conglomeration surpasses every definition of loveliness, and each island exhibits a unique identity displaying breathtaking beauty, signature landscapes and effervescent culture.   Corfu (Kadounia) – the Venetian masterpiece Corfu, seat of the British High Commissioner during the colonial era and the biggest of the islands is immensely attractive. The town of … [Read more...]

10 of the Best Places to Visit in Europe

Best Places to Visit in Europe

Whether you want a luxury travel or just a grand adventure, Europe is the place to be. Make your trip to this continent a very satisfying by visiting several of these 10 must-see destinations:   1. Dorset, UK Photo: www.flickr.com/photos/petervanallen Swimming, camping, water adventure, hiking, trekking, or just plain relaxing – name it and you will enjoy it in Dorset. This place is not to be excluded in your European itinerary. You’ll enjoy your stay here and will definitely come back again.   2. Mont Blanc, … [Read more...]

50 of the Best Beaches in the World (Part 4)

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31) Placencia Beach, Belize Photo: photographyatlas.blogspot.gr/2013/03/sunrise-from-placencia-belize-central.html Placencia has incredible sunny beaches, however its the endeavors to be had that make this a main 100 shore objective. Wilderness waterways, Mayan ruins and awesome untamed life make this one a sunny shore trek with different purposes. … [Read more...]

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Visit the finest casinos Europe has to offer


For many people today preparing for a holiday means selecting a tourist destination and Europe is a popular place to go because the continent is small with numerous countries. The terrific transportation system easily connects the countries of Europe so it is very easy to visit more than one country when on holiday. Probably the easiest way to travel across the continent is using the rail system and when travelling around these countries, there are also many casinos which can be visited. Germany is home to the Baden Baden Casino. Found in the Black Forest region, this casino is one of … [Read more...]

50 of the Best Beaches in the World (Part 3)

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21) Warwick Long Bay, Bermuda Photo: www.pinterest.com/pin/51158145739329215 You can use hours here simply viewing the waves foam under the skyline over the coral-pink sand. In the event that that gets irritatingly delighted there are incredible strolling courses from here to Bermuda's southern shores, offering disconnected inlets. … [Read more...]

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