Top 5 Places to Live Like a King in India

Top 5 Places to Live Like a King in India

In a nation that compasses 3,000 km east to west and north to south, and with a rich history extending back 5,000 years and that's only the tip of the iceberg, it is no amaze that India has more than a decent amount of palaces, posts and castles beautified with ancient rarities fit for a lord. A considerable lot of these structures have seen eras of rulers, regularly from the same bloodline, effortlessness its throne and tenet a domain. Not with standing you also can live like a ruler, regardless of the fact that it is just for a couple of nights and for a regal whole. Taj Lake Palace, … [Read more...]

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10 of the Best Winter Sun Locations in the World

10 of the Best Winter Sun Locations in the World

Taking after one of the wettest summers on record, Britons are in highly need of some rest and recovery in a dry, warm and sunny atmosphere. Be that as it may where would you be able to strive for very nearly ensured winter daylight? Where are the ideal spots of winter heaven? Gold Coast, Australia Photo: Made up of the territory, the fascinating island of Tasmania, and various littler islands, Australia is one of the world's biggest nations by region. With such a great amount of on offer, for example, shores, untamed life and national parks and … [Read more...]

Fiji – The Ultimate Holiday Destination for a Couple

Fiji - The Ultimate Holiday Destination for a Couple

Discovering the ideal sentimental occasion terminus that will keep vacation spot darlings and their movement legends joyful is regularly a true test. Fiji, in the heart of the South Pacific and only 4 hours flying time from Australia, is a definitive occasion terminus for a couple. Photo: There are an entire show of wonderful beaches to browse, including a few private islands where you will simply have the neighborhood natural life for organization – in addition to an entire cluster of endeavors that will keep the most dynamic 'thrill seeker' … [Read more...]

5 Luxury Hideaways in South East Asia

Kura Kura Resort, Indonesia

South East Asia is a sub part of Asia consisting of countries like India, China, Australia and New Guinea. It is one of those few regions of the world, which attracts tourists from all over the world. There are remarkable luxurious hideaways along the coasts of South east Asia. Some of them are as follows: 1) Song Saa, Cambodia Photo: These are small islands along the south coast of Cambodia having splendorous property with full commitment to marine life conservation. You can go for daily activities and various excursions followed by delicious dishes … [Read more...]

Diving Roller Coaster – Japan

Roller Coaster - Japan

Talk about a thrill! On Vanish, the diving roller coaster located in Yokohama, Kanagawa, Japan, your ride ends with a dive through an underwater tunnel. The 115' high coaster is part of Yokohama Cosmoworld. Within two minutes you go from soaring heights above the city to plunging depths, but not before getting soaked. Check out the pictures to get a glimpse of this wet and wild ride. … [Read more...]